Top 3 Benefits of a Silk Pillowcase for Hair

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Have Your Heard of a Silk Pillowcase for Hair?

Are you currently using a traditional cotton pillowcase? Well, it may be time to switch to a silk pillowcase for hair due to the fantastic benefits they provide. This article will act as a complete guide to why you should use a silk pillowcase to improve hair health as well as a comparison to similar materials to silk such as satin and why materials like cotton and polyester can be harmful to hair health.

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The Downsides to Traditional Pillowcases

Nearly everyone has used traditional pillowcases which are typically made of cotton and/or polyester materials. This material has been around for decades and though it may be easier to come across when shopping for a new pillowcase, there are some downsides to using cotton and/or polyester pillowcases when it comes to hair health.

Cotton and Polyester Pillowcases may cause frizz due to their rough material. If you have tried hair products directed at targeting frizz with no improvement it may be time to look at your pillowcase material. The often high thread count of cotton and polyester pillowcases may also contribute to frizz as they can pull at the delicate hair shaft leading to breakage and frizzy, tangled strands.

Cotton and  Polyester Pillowcases may dry out your hair due to the high absorbancy of the materials. If you are noticing that your hair feels dry no matter what products you use for moisture in your hair, your pillowcase may be the culprit. By absorbing the nourishing oils and moisture your hair naturally has, cotton and polyester pillowcases may leave your hair more brittle and prone to breakage.

Similar Materials: Satin vs. a Silk Pillowcase For Hair?

Though satin and silk pillowcases for hair have received a lot of buzz and popularity recently, these pillowcases have long been used and appreciated for many centuries. In fact, it is believed that silk pillowcases and bedding were first created and enjoyed in China around 4,000 years ago by royalty and nobles. Initially, only the Chinese knew how to craft such a luxurious material up until the Silk Road period occurred in the second century BC where silk was traded, and therefore, a more well known material outside of China. Today Silk and very similar materials such as satin are widely available and prized all over the world for their benefits for the hair and skin.

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You may be wondering, if a satin and silk pillowcase for hair are similar, then what are the differences? The biggest difference between satin and silk pillowcases is the material in which they are made out of. Silk pillowcases are made from the thin threads produced by silkworms. Silk tends to be more expensive as the material is tedious to harvest from the silkworm, and takes incredible craftsmanship to make bedding materials out of. Satin is a fine weaving of multiple materials such as cotton, rayon, acetate, and polyester to create a smooth and shiny surface similar to silk. Satin is often cheaper to buy and easier to make than silk as the threads do not need to be carefully harvested and tediously woven. Though a satin and silk pillowcase for hair differ in the material and way they are made, they are incredibly similar in how they benefit the hair.

Top 3 Benefits of a Silk Pillowcase For Hair

1. A Silk Pillowcase For Hair Help Reduce Frizz

Not only is the smooth and shiny material of satin and silk pillowcases attractive to look at, but it also help to keep your hair soft and frizz-free. Due to its low absorbency compared to cotton and polyester pillowcases, a satin and silk pillowcase for hair help the follicles retain essential moisture. With a silk pillowcase, you can rest assured that your hair care products will nourish your hair and not end up being absorbed by your pillowcase.

2. A Silk Pillowcase For Hair Could Reduce The Chances of Hair Breakage

If you look closely at a silk pillowcase for hair, you may notice that the silk fibers are woven tightly together with no visible gaps between them. Unlike the large gaps and rough surface on cotton and polyester pillows the fineness of silk threads, weaving silk cloth results in an incredibly shiny and smooth surface. As previously discussed the gaps and rough surface on a cotton or polyester pillowcase could allow for the hair to get snagged and caught between the fibers leading to breakage. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase for hair reduces the chances of hair breakage because the surface area is smoother and less likely to be harshly pulled out in comparison to cotton and polyester pillowcases.

3. A Silk Pillowcase for Hair Could Help Keep Excess Oils at Bay

With a traditional cotton or polyester pillowcase, you may often find that you feel overheated during the night leading to feeling sweaty and uncomfortable. A silk pillowcase for hair could help to prevent you from feeling overheated at night because silk keeps cool longer and wicks away moisture that could cause more sebum production and sweat on the scalp. If you notice your scalp often feels oily in the morning from feeling overheated the night before consider switching to a silk pillowcase for hair to prevent buildup and excess sebum production.

Thinking of Making the Switch to a Silk Pillowcase for Hair Health?

In addition to being passionate about a skincare-forward approach to hair health, RKT Hair Care is also passionate about educating those looking to improve their hair and scalp health through useful hair tips. In this article, we discussed the benefits of using a silk pillowcase for hair, how the materials compare to similar materials such as satin, and why silk is better than cotton and polyester pillowcases. In short, silk is a great material for pillowcases as it helps reduce frizz and breakage as well as preventing excess buildup and sebum by keeping you cool at night. If you enjoyed this article on the benefits of a silk pillowcase for hair and looking for some more hair-related content check out some of our other articles linked below.

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