Choosing the Right Products for Hair Care

Written by: RKT Hair Care Team


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Why Choosing Products for Hair Care Matters

Before we start discussing the how, let us begin with the why. It is important to understand why some hair care products work better than others, and what the overall goal of any hair care product should be.

As the name implies, a hair care product is designed to ensure that your hair becomes or stays healthy, beautiful and full of life and vigor. There are many factors that men and women go through on a daily basis that can lead to poor hair.

From a busy day at working causing stress, to the pollutants in our environment, and even bad hair care products that might make our hair clean, but also damage the roots, irritate the scalp, or leave unwanted excess residue. 

By recognizing that you are subjected to many different challenges when it comes to healthy hair, you can take steps to identify which issues that might be troubling your hair at the moment, and thus select the best possible hair care products for your condition.

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Understanding Different Hair Types

There are many different types of hair out there, especially when looking at the global scale. But even without a single country, you will find a wide range as well. Whether you have curly hair, straight hair, coiled hair or something in between, understanding your specific type of hair will help you find the best products that contain the best ingredients for you.

There are however also some products, like our specially designed RKT Shampoo and Conditioner, which works great no matter the type of hair. This can make it easier to choose a specific product, and also makes a great shampoo for sharing with your partner or family members.

Understanding the Different Hair Concerns

Your hair type is only one aspect of your overall hair. The different concern, or condition, of your hair also plays an important part when selecting any hair care product. This can involve the overall texture of your hair, such as thick or thin hair, as these two concerns often requires a different approach.

There are also other concerns to consider, such as whether you have dry hair or greasy hair, whether your scalp products excess oils (sebum), or whether you have hair that is easily damaged. 

Choosing a hair care product that will address your specific concern is therefore important, in order to maintain healthy hair, and even return your hair to a more normal condition.

Best Ingredients for Hair Care Products

As mentioned above, there are many different types of hair styles and concerns to take into account. Therefore, we will break down the most important ingredients that can help balance out your hair and make it as beautiful and healthy as possible.

  • Biotin helps your body produce the naturally occurring component known as keratin. Keratin is what a large percentage of your hair and nails are made of. If you are deficient or your body simply is not producing enough keratin, your hair will become weaker and less resistant to damage. You will also notice less elasticity and a poor hair structure in general.
  • Aloe Vera is not only known for the hydrating properties that will keep your hair and scalp moist, but also for the soothing properties that will reduce itching and irritated skin. Hair care products with aloe vera have also been found to improve the texture and shine of hair as well.
  • Ginseng is an herb that is not only used in food, but also in many hair care products. This is because ginseng has adaptogenic properties, which helps your body cope better with stress, leading to better hair growth and less breakage. It is also a great antioxidant, protecting your hair from free radicals.
  • Peppermint Oil can help soothe your dry or irritated scalp, as it provides a cooling sensation. This oil also balances out the production of sebum in your scalp, leading to a less greasy set of hair. Finally, peppermint oil also stimulates your hair follicles, leading to better hair growth.
  • Peptides is another vital ingredient in any hair care product of high quality. These amino acids are the foundation of proteins, and therefore essential in helping your body naturally produce healthy hair. Peptides helps stimulate the production of keratin and collagen, which in turn enhances the overall health and vitality of your hair.
  • Collagen is an important and natural protein that provides overall structure to your hair, but also your skin and nails. When collagen is added to hair care products, the result will be a strengthed hair shaft with more resilience and elasticity, and you can also expect to see an added volume and thickness.

If you wish to learn more about the different ingredients that are used in RKT hair care products, then we have already written this article, where we go into even more details. 

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Choosing the Right Hair Care Products

Now that you have a basic understanding of the different types of hair and concerns, as well as a knowledge of what some key ingredients help achieve, it is time to combine these aspects. You should start out by identifying which type of hair you have, then figure out which hair concern(s) you have. 

Many people have a combination of different hair types, and it is common to also suffer from different conditions, such as dry hair, an irritated scalp, and hair that is prone to damage. In these cases we recommend that you list everything, so that you can choose products that helps with everything.

Our RKT Triple Balance Bundle is a great option for most people, as it contains our renowned Shampoo, as well as our powerful Conditioner and our pleasing Scalp Treatment products. These three products all have natural ingredients that work with any type of hair and concern, meaning you will not need to choose between different products for each specific condition.

Key Takeaways

Consider whether your hair is thin, thick or possibly prone to damage, then treat it with the right product.

An effective hair care product should contain ingredients designed to help your hair type and conditions.

Some of the best ingredients include biotin, keratin, peptides, collagen and aloe vera.


How do I choose a hair care routine?

Start by identifying what your hair type is, and then consider any issues you might have, such as thin hair or other concerns. Then look for solutions to that.

What hair products should I use in order?

We recommend that you begin with a quality shampoo, move on to a conditioner, and afterwards use a scalp brush to enhance blood circulation and remove excess product.