Your Guide To Biotin - What Is The Best Biotin For Hair Growth?

Written by: RKT Hair Care Team


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What is Biotin?

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H is an essential nutrient for various health functions. Biotin is considered to be an essential nutrient which means that it needs to be ingested either through food or a supplement. For example, biotin is used to help the body convert food into energy, regulate cellular signals in the body, and also help to manage gene activity. On top of all the other benefits biotin has within the body, it is also a highly sought-after ingredient in skincare for its ability to help properly form fatty acids, which are important for nourishing our skin.

Where Can You Find Biotin?

You may have seen vitamins at stores with the phrase “for hair, skin, and nails” which contain biotin as one of the main ingredients advertised but did you know that many foods contain biotin naturally? The best biotin for hair growth can be found in various foods that may already be a part of your diet. For example, some of the most biotin-rich foods are peanuts, eggs, oats, and salmon. Since biotin can be found in several commonly consumed foods, biotin deficiency is is rare, however, symptoms of biotin deficiency can lead to can lead to issues with the hair and scalp such as hair thinning and brittle nails, and hair loss. It is important to make sure you are eating enough foods with biotin in them to ensure your body is getting the full benefits of biotin for hair. Though biotin is great for our overall health we'd also like to highlight the benefits of biotin for hair as it is a featured ingredient in our RKT Scalp Treatment which is great for improving hair density, preventing hair loss, and essential keratin production.

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The Importance Of Biotin For Hair

 Though Biotin is mainly vital for helping our bodies convert food into energy, biotin also plays a significant role in helping the body to produce essential proteins for our hair, such as keratin. The best biotin for hair growth is found in many foods as well as in supplements but could also be helpful for hair growth and overall health when applied topically. Applying biotin for hair topically strengthens the hair follicle so that hair strands can reach the end of the hair growth cycle more effectively. Continue reading to learn more about the many benefits of biotin for hair and why it is a powerful nutrient for keratin, production, improving hair density, and preventing hair loss.

1. Biotin for Hair: Biotin Is Essential For Keratin Production

Biotin is an essential nutrient responsible for the production of keratin. Keratin is a type of protein that the body produces naturally and is responsible for keeping our hair, skin, and nails in optimal shape. When consuming foods containing biotin for hair and applying biotin topically, you are helping your cells grow stronger hair and prevent your hair from being brittle and prone to hair fall and/or breakage. Whether you are experiencing hair damage or just want to promote longer and stronger hair, ensuring you are incorporating topical biotin for hair and getting enough biotin in your diet is essential.

2. Biotin For Hair: Biotin Could Help Increase Hair Density

When searching for hair growth remedies, biotin is a common ingredient you may find yourself stumbling across quite often. If you are noticing that your hair is feeling brittle, delicate, and often falling out from the root it may be that your cells are not getting the best biotin for hair growth needed to produce strong hair. Though there could be many reasons behind experiencing low hair density, incorporating more biotin into your diet and within a topical scalp treatment may be something to consider for improving low hair density.

3. Biotin For Hair: Biotin Could Help Prevent Hair Loss

Biotin is not only great for its ability to promote keratin production and improve hair density but also for its promising results in preventing excessive hair loss. Hair loss can be tied back to many reasons that may be unrelated to biotin intake however there are studies that show those who do not get enough biotin may experience more hair loss. Biotin for hair is also commonly used as a treatment for those struggling with alopecia for its ability to directly provide the scalp with essential nutrients and fight inflammation which could contribute to further hair loss and damage. If you are experiencing hair loss, consider taking a look at your biotin intake and incorporating a scalp treatment with biotin for hair to prevent hair loss.

Overview - What Is The Best Biotin For Hair Growth?

In this article we went over what biotin is, where it can be found, and why it is beneficial for our hair. Though you could easily find biotin in supplements, the best biotin for hair is from a topical treatment and through foods such as salmon, nuts, and oats, for the many other nutrients these foods contain for hair growth. For example, salmon is a featured ingredient in our protein salad recipe because it is rich in biotin for hair as well as other ingredients that are beneficial for hair growth such as protein and omega-3's. RKT Hair Care is passionate about a skincare-forward approach to hair health, and educating you about the carefully chosen ingredients that go into our formulas. We include Biotin in our full line of products that you can find here. The main 3 points we covered in this article are:

Biotin for hair is important for helping the body with keratin production.

Biotin for hair could help to increase hair density by strengthing the hair follicle and less hair fall.

Biotin for hair could prevent hair loss by providing your body with nutrients to fight external aggressors that could cause excess hair shedding.