This Is The Best Niacinamide Shampoo For Healthy Hair And Scalp

Written by: RKT Hair Care Team


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Why Should You Choose A Shampoo That Contains Niacinamide?

Niacinamide is a powerful form of vitamin B3 that is a powerhouse when it comes to the benefits it provides for overall hair and scalp health. A new ingredient in the hair care industry, Niacinamide shampoo is great because not only does it help treat hair and scalp conditions, but also helps to keep the hair and scalp healthy and strong. You can read more in-depth about the benefits of niacinamide in hair care in a separate article on our blog here. In this article, discover the top reasons why the RKT Shampoo is the best niacinamide shampoo for optimal hair and scalp health.

RKT Niacinamide Shampoo

Top Reasons Why The RKT Shampoo Is The Best Niacinamide Shampoo For Hair And Scalp

There are a variety of reasons why RKT Hair Care believes that our niacinamide shampoo has the best formula out there. In conjunction with being paraben, silicone, and free of artificial fragrance, the RKT Hair Care niacinamide shampoo features both scalp and hair-loving ingredients such as peptides, biotin, peppermint oil, and of course, niacinamide. As you may have read in our article on the benefits of niacinamide for hair, niacinamide shampoo is great for both treating and preventing scalp and hair conditions. The RKT niacinamide shampoo is also great because it is combined with other powerful ingredients to help you experience your best hair days.

1. RKT Niacinamide Shampoo Could Help Treat Scalp Conditions

If you are experiencing dry, flaky, and/or irritated scalp, then it may be time to turn to the RKT Hair Care niacinamide shampoo. Niacinamide shampoo is great for scalp conditions because it helps to calm inflamed skin and lock in essential moisture. Niacinamide has also been shown to produce promising results for those who experience excess sebum production, which could cause build-up. To help with soothing common scalp conditions, consider adding the RKT Hair Care niacinamide shampoo.

2. RKT Niacinamide Shampoo Could Help With Building Healthier Hair Follicles

Perhaps your scalp is already in healthy condition, and you are just looking for products to help fortify your hair and aid with healthy hair growth. If this is the case, then a niacinamide shampoo may be the answer. Niacinamide is not only a great product for treating scalp conditions, but also for boosting blood circulation and delivering essential nutrients for hair growth. By using the RKT Hair Care niacinamide shampoo, you are boosting your hair's ability to receive the building blocks needed for new hair growth as well as strengthening existing hair so you experience less hair fall, breakage, and frizz.

3. RKT Niacinamide Shampoo Combines Niacinamide With Other Natural Ingredients For Healthy Hair

Though the RKT Hair Care niacinamide shampoo features niacinamide, you will also find other nourishing ingredients such as peptides, aloe, and ginseng in the formula. The niacinamide in the RKT Hair Care shampoo formula could help with better absorption of the nutrients it contains through niacinamide potential ability to boost blood and oxygen to the scalp. When you combine other hair and scalp-loving ingredients alongside niacinamide, you are helping your hair to receive the vitamins and nutrients it needs to look and feel its best without the unnecessary rubbish such as sulfates, parabens, silicones, and harsh artificial ingredients.

Are You Going To Try The RKT Hair Care Niacinamide Shampoo?

RKT Hair Care uses a skincare-forward approach to our hair care forumula's so that you not only have healthy hair but also a healthy scalp. We believe that the first step towards improving the look and feel of your scalp begins with caring for your scalp, which is why niacinamide is one of many powerful ingredients in the RKT niacinamide shampoo. In this article, we covered why the RKT Hair Care niacinamide shampoo is the best one out there for the reasons below:

RKT Shampoo

The RKT Hair Care niacinamide shampoo could help with treating scalp conditions.

The RKT Hair Care niacinamide shampoo could help improve the look of existing hair.

The RKT Hair Care niacinamide shampoo is combined with other powerhouse ingredients to help give you healthier hair.


How much of the RKT Shampoo should I use?

We recommend beginning with a quarter size amount and adding more depending on the length and density of hair!

Is the RKT Shampoo safe for color treated hair?

Yes! The RKT Shampoo is gentle enough for most hair types and conditions.