The Importance of Hydration for Hair

Written by: RKT Hair Care Team


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What Water Does For Our Bodies

Did your know that nearly 60% of the human body is made up of water? Since over half of our bodies are composed of water, it is especially surprising that around 47% of Americans drink below the daily recommended amount which is between 2-3 liters a day. Though it is true that water makes up a large portion of our bodies, water also serves other important functions for our cells, organs and even our hair. 

When we drink water, we supply our bodies with one of the most important tools to stay healthy. Not only does drinking enough fluids help to prevent symptoms associated with dehydration, but it also helps our body perform everyday functions. For example, water helps our body to regulate our body temperature, protects our joints, flush waste, and aid with cell regeneration. Hydration for hair through water intake is also important for the health of our hair. Because our hair is always changing whether it be through getting longer or through cell-regeneration it is important that we drink enough water for a healthy cycle as well as for scalp health.

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Is All Water The Same?

When you go to the supermarket, there are all kinds of water you can purchase at various prices. Though generally, any purified drinking water is bound to help support body functioning, it is important to make sure you are drinking purified water that contains minerals. In particular, purified drinking water that minerals such as magnesium, calcium and electrolytes are ideal for helping to deliver essential nutrients and help our bodies stay hydrated longer.

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3 Reasons Why Hydration For Hair Is Crucial

When we drink water, it does more than just quench our thirst and pass through our system. The water we drink stays in our body and is the main component that makes up our blood and aids with crucial bodily functions. One of the many ways water helps the body is by helping to keep hair cells healthy. Hydration for hair goes beyond using hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Making sure to hydrate our bodies by drinking enough water is also important for maintaining hydration for hair by helping to deliver key nutrients to the scalp, promoting cell regeneration, and preventing scalp dryness.

1. Hydration For Hair - Water Helps Deliver Nutrients To The Hair Follicle

Hydration for hair by drinking enough water provides several unique benefits. For one, when we drink adequate water, this better allows our blood to carry oxygen and essential nutrients to the hair follicle. Both oxygen, as well as vitamins and minerals, can be considered as fuel for a healthy hair growth cycle. If our hair follicles and the cells that make up our hair are not getting enough of the vitamins, minerals, and oxygen they need to both keep existing hair strong and new potential hair follicles healthy, then the health of our hair could be significantly hindered. Hydration for hair is especially vital to ensure your hair follicles and cells are easily getting the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

2. Hydration For Hair - Water Helps With Cell Regeneration

A second reason for why hydration for hair through drinking enough water is important is in the case of cell regeneration. Cell regeneration is the process of replacing old and potentially damaged cells with new healthy cells. Hydration for hair could play a direct role in cell regeneration through thinning the blood and thus making transporting nutrients to the scalp, where cells are always regenerating, much faster. Not drinking enough water could potentially hinder hydration for hair through preventing the cells from getting the nutrients they need to properly go through the regeneration process. Hydration for hair goes much further than just using a hair product targeted toward hair growth. A simple yet effective way to help with cell regeneration is by drinking adequate water.

3. Hydration For Hair - Water Helps With Preventing Scalp Conditions

Last but certainly not least, hydration for hair is important for helping to prevent scalp conditions. Jus as our scalp may become stressed from not getting enough nutrients through food, life challenges, and irritating haircare products, our scalp could also become stressed from not drinking an adequate amount of water. You might notice how when you aren't drinking an adequate amount of water it may make your skin appear dull and dry. Many people forget that the scalp is a continuation of our skin in which our lifestyle has great effects on its health. To help prevent scalp-related conditions, ensure that you are monitoring hydration for hair by drinking enough water to hydrate the scalp's cells and avoid dryness and irritation.

Overview: Why Drinking Enough Water Is Important For Hydration For Hair

RKT Hair Care not only strives to educate about naturally powered hair care with a skincare-forward approach, but also about how to promote overall hair health through a healthy lifestyle. Hydration for hair goes far beyond using the right hair care products. Hydration for hair also means drinking an adequate amount of water to ensure our bodies are getting the nutrients it needs to protect existing hair and promote a healthy hair growth cycle.

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Hydration For Hair: Drinking adequate water could help deliver nutrients to the hair follicle.

Hydration for Hair: Drinking adequate water could help with cell regeneration. 

Hydration for Hair: Drinking adequate water could help prevent scalp conditions.