Top 3 Benefits of Niacinamide for Hair and Scalp

Written by: RKT Hair Care Team


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What is Niacinamide?

Niacinamide is a powerful form of vitamin B3 found in foods such as eggs, green vegetables, and fish but also a powerful skin-loving ingredient when applied topically. A long-appreciated ingredient within the skincare community, Niacinamide can help to combat a variety of skin ailments, from redness to excessive oil production. Though niacinamide has made a name for itself within the skincare community, this powerful and versatile ingredient is beginning to segway into hair care for its effective results in benefitting the health of both the hair and scalp for its calming, oil regulating, and moisture locking properties. This article will tap into the top 3 benefits of niacinamide for hair and scalp and why it is a fantastic ingredient you should consider incorporating into your hair care routine for its powerful ability to improve the overall health of your hair and scalp.

3 Benefits of Niacinamide for Hair and Scalp

1. Niacinamide for improving redness and inflammation of the scalp

Are you experiencing scalp discomfort, such as flaky, inflamed, and/or irritated skin? Inflammation and irritation of the scalp is a common problem that can lead to a variety of other issues such as hindered hair growth and even hair loss. Similar to the skin on other parts of our bodies, the scalp is often exposed to stressors as a result of pollution from the environment, UV damage, product buildup, allergies, and hard water. Conventional products targeted at addressing redness, flaking and irritation of the scalp often cover up the problem or only temporarily address symptoms. Incorporating products with niacinamide may be helpful in combating redness and inflammation of the scalp as it is a powerful antioxidant with effective results in calming skin inflammation and locking in moisture on both the skin and hair shaft. To address scalp irritation and redness, consider incorporating hair products that contain niacinamide to promote healing of the scalp's flaky, irritation, and redness and create an optimal environment for healthy hair growth.


2. Niacinamide for managing oily scalp

There are many reasons behind what causes an oily scalp from hormones to genetics. “Oily hair symptoms usually involve the look and feel of your hair. Your hair may look greasy or shiny. It can feel heavy or weighed down and greasy to the touch. Overproductive oil glands onz the scalp can also cause the scalp to become itchy and irritated.” To address symptoms, it is common for many people who struggle with excessively oily scalps to turn to deep cleansing hair products to help remove excess oil, also known as sebum. Though these products can be effective in helping to remove excess sebum, overusing deep cleansing products can worsen issues associated with an oily scalp by disrupting the protective skin barrier leading to even more irritation. Irritation of the scalp can trigger stress hormones which in turn signal sebaceous glands on the scalp to produce more oil to soothe the irritation. Topical Niacinamide’s anti-inflammatory and soothing abilities could help to combat the excessive sebum production caused by stress hormones. In fact, within a study conducted in 2006, 2% topical niacinamide helped to lessen sebum excretion and skin inflammation over a period of four weeks. If you struggle with an oily scalp, you can consider scalp and haircare products that contain niacinamide, such as our RKT Shampoo and Conditioner.

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3. Niacinamide for hair loss

Niacinamide is a powerful hair care ingredient that could be enjoyed by anyone looking to promote the health of their hair and scalp. Though it is true that niacinamide could be enjoyed by many, those who struggle with hair loss may be especially partial to this powerhouse ingredient. One way in which niacinamide can aid hair loss is through its ability to increase blood circulation to the scalp. According to an article on the National Library of Medicine, niacinamide has shown promising results for those struggling with hair loss and conditions such as alopecia, in that it can both boost blood circulation and aid in providing vital nutrients to the scalp and hair that are necessary to maintain optimal hair and scalp health. Niacinamide also has the ability to protect the scalp and hair from everyday stressors so that the progress of new hair growth is not disrupted. If you want to promote healthy hair growth, niacinamide, as well as ginseng, are ingredients to be on the lookout for in your hair care routine.

Key Takeaways: Benefits of Niacinamide for Hair and Scalp

There are numerous benefits to adding hair care with niacinamide into your routine. Whether you are looking to address scalp irritation, oiliness, hair loss, or just looking to maintain overall hair and scalp health, niacinamide is an ingredient that almost anyone could benefit from by incorporating into their rotation. RKT Hair Care follows a skincare-forward approach in that we believe that healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. Common skincare ingredients such as niacinamide, peptides, and caffeine are featured in RKT Hair Care products for their effectiveness in benefitting hair and scalp health. Key points we discussed in this article are:

Niacinamide soothes scalp irritation and locks in moisture.

Niacinamide could help to regulate excessive oil production on the scalp.

Niacinamide could help hair growth by boosting blood circulation to the scalp and delivering key nutrients.