A Minimalist Hair Care Routine for Busy People

Written by: RKT Hair Care Team


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Why You Should Consider a Minimalist Hair Care Routine

While many women take great care of their hair, men are typically lacking behind, although recent years have seen a great increase in the number of men looking to ensure their hair is healthy and good looking.

A hair care routine is one of the best ways to ensure regular nutrition, but many times this can be quite time consuming. That is why we will cover our tips for a minimalist hair care routine for men that is easy and quick but still provides great results.

Choosing the Right Products

One of the most important things you can do for your hair is treating it with the right products. And when you want a minimalistic approach, we recommend using multi-functional hair care products, such as our RKT Shampoo, which streamlines the routine and provides awesome results fast.

When you choose the products for your new routine, you should pay attention to the ingredients that are in each product. Ideally you would want these ingredients to provide plenty of nutrients, as well as help you alleviate any dryness or irritation, oiliness or any other condition or challenge your hair might be facing.

Aloe Vera gel

We have already written on this topic before, so if you want to learn more about which ingredients are best suited for your hair type, or how to ensure your hair gets the best nutrients, feel free to check out those articles as well.

Our very own RKT Shampoo is unique in that it caters to many different hair types, since it will help men with straight, coily, wavy or even curly hair. The natural formula also contains many powerful ingredients, which can help with dry hair, flaky scalps, thin hair, oily hair, and even helps remove excess products and more.

RKT Bundle with shampoo and conditioner

Choosing Quality over Quantity

While opting for products of a high quality is almost always recommended anyway, this becomes even more important when you want a minimalist hair care routine.

Not only will these products help you save money, since you will only need to buy a few products, you will also save valuable time due to the ease of applying one or two products, compared to rotating between five or more different products.

And of course, products such as our RKT Conditioner provides excellent results due to the quality of ingredients, meaning that you will also see the benefits much sooner than many other types of hair care products.

Example of a Daily Routine

Once you have selected your hair care products, you are ready to begin your first treatment. Try to consider how you normally groom and clean yourself during a typical work day, as you will often be able to incorporate your hair care routine into the existing schedule.

We recommend a simple 3 step approach. This involves cleansing, conditioning and styling.

  • To cleanse your hair, use the shampoo of your choice and ensure a good rinse before applying the product. Once you have let the shampoo work its magic for a minute or two, rinse once more to remove the excess.

  • Now you can move on to the conditioner, which is an important step in any serious hair care routine. Luckily, this will only add a few minutes to your overall shower time, as conditioner just needs to work a short time before rinsing it.

  • By now you can call it a day, and dry off your hair. We do however recommend that you spend a few minutes combing or brushing your hair, in order to ensure a good airflow and a better texture.

Challenges of Maintaining Healthy Hair

It can be difficult enough to ensure your hair is healthy when you are working from home and have plenty of time for your daily hair care routine. But what happens when you are busy and you only have around 10 minutes per day to care for your locks?

In many cases men start to see a decline when it comes to their hair, as many haircuts and hair products are not designed to accommodate the active lifestyle. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks that can help your hair staying lush and healthy.

Choosing the Best Hairstyle

One of the best things that active men can do for their hair, is choose a hairstyle that requires minimal styling, dries quick and does not need hours of styling or tonnes of products. Braids or ponytails can be a good solution for men spending much time outdoors, as these styles are less prone to damage from the wind, sun, and other elements.

If you are working out in the gym on a regular basis, or jogging, biking, rowing or other similar activities, then sweat also becomes something to take into consideration. For longer hair we suggest using a headband or tying up your hair, while for shorter haircuts we recommend that you choose a hairstyle which will keep the hair out of your face.

Opting for Streamlined Hair Care Products

Choosing adequate hair care products that not only keep your hair clean, but also provides plenty of nutrition and beneficial ingredients is another key component to ensuring your hair stays healthy.

By opting for streamlined hair care products, such as our RKT Shampoo, you can cut down on the overall time needed daily to maintain your hair, while also feeding your hair all the necessary vitamins, oils and proteins needed.

Living an active life is appealing to many men, as it increases their enjoyment, so having to spend hours in the bathroom taking care of their hair is not something most wish for. 

Our RKT Shampoo and Conditioner just needs to work in your hair for a few minutes each, while still providing an effective solution that cleanse, condition and repair your hair. And you can simply replace your existing shampoo and conditioner, leaving you more time to spend outside.

Tips for Maintaining Your Hair

We also recommend that you go for regular trims, in order to keep the maintenance required to a minimum. Shorter haircuts generally are easier to maintain and keep healthy, and they will also dry more quickly and transport sweat faster.

When you get your hair trimmed on a regular basis, even if you just trim it yourself at home after showering, you will also notice that your hair does not get damaged nearly as often. Longer hair and older hair tends to get tangled or breaks off, resulting in a less than desirable hairstyle.

And last but not least, by eating a healthy and varied diet, you can ensure that your hair gets plenty of nutrients to stay lush and strong. If you want to learn more about which types of foods are great for your hair, then read our article on that topic in order to get some inspiration for new meals.

Key Takeaways

A minimalist hair care routine can be enough to maintain healthy hair over time.

Your hair care routine does not have to take up more time than you already spend.

By choosing products such as our RKT Shampoo and Conditioner you can save valuable time.


In what order should I do my hair care routine?

You should figure out an order in which you can naturally work as much care into your schedule as possible. We recommend using our 3-step routine as outlined above.

Should I wash my hair every day?

This depends on a number of factors including your hair type, oil levels, and your lifestyle. If you have more dandruff and oily hair, you can try washing your hair every day. If you hair tends to be dry and you do not sweat a lot you can try spreading out washes between days. The best thing to do is experiment and find what works best for you.